Court Order Support

Support for Participants on Court Orders

We offer specialised support services aimed at achieving positive outcomes for participants, particularly those on Court Orders. Our experienced staff provides tailored assistance and behaviour support to empower participants in managing their behaviour effectively and working towards positive change.

We understand that individuals on Court Orders often require specific support to address their unique circumstances. Primo Disability Care specialises in providing the necessary assistance and guidance to help participants meet the requirements of their Court Orders. Our services are designed to promote personal growth, rehabilitation, and ultimately, positive outcomes.

Experienced Staff Providing Behavior Support

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is trained in behavior support and intervention strategies. We have the expertise to work closely with participants, addressing challenging behaviors and helping them develop alternative coping mechanisms. Our staff members understand the complexities involved in behavior management and provide the necessary support to promote positive change.

Empowering Participants to Manage Their Behavior Effectively

Our goal is to empower participants to take control of their behavior and make positive choices. We work collaboratively with participants, helping them develop skills and strategies to manage their behavior effectively. Through personalised support plans, we focus on building self-awareness, self-regulation, and decision-making skills, empowering participants to take ownership of their actions and work towards positive outcomes.

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