School Holiday Programs

School Holiday Programs

Our inclusive school holiday programs designed specifically for children/students. Our programs provide a safe and supervised environment where participants can have fun, socialise, and make lasting memories. We are proud to offer these programs using NDIS funding, ensuring accessibility for all.

Inclusive Programs

We believe that every child/student deserves the opportunity to enjoy enriching experiences during school holidays. Our inclusive programs are specially designed to cater to the diverse abilities and interests of children/students with disabilities. We create a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone can participate and feel included.

Safe and Fun Environment for Socialising

The well-being and safety of our participants are our top priorities. Our school holiday programs are staffed by experienced and trained professionals who provide supervision and support. We create a safe and inclusive environment where participants can freely socialise, build friendships, and develop social skills. We strive to make each day filled with fun, laughter, and positive interactions.

School Holiday Activities

Our school holiday programs are packed with engaging activities that promote learning, creativity, and social interaction. From arts and crafts to sports, games, and outings, we offer a wide range of exciting and age-appropriate activities. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience that encourages personal growth and builds confidence.

NDIS Funding

We understand the financial considerations that families face when seeking school holiday programs for their children/students with disabilities. That's why we offer our programs using NDIS funding, making them accessible and affordable for participants. This ensures that families can utilize their NDIS funding to provide their children/students with meaningful and enjoyable experiences during school breaks.

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